Mentoring Weekend
Girls Who Rule the World Mentoring Weekend is a three day two night program designed by Marjorie Harvey and The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation to combat the pressures and pitfalls teen girls go through. The goal of the Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Weekend is to empower young women to pursue excellence in every area of their lives. Trusted female partners are on hand to impart wisdom, resources and to help guide girls through the importance of balanced nutrition, proper etiquette, positive self-esteem and professional development.


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Mid Year Recap
Mentees from the GWRTW Mentoring Weekend meet again within 3-6 months for an opportunity to delve deeper into the knowledge gained at their initial GWRTW experience, through workshops and a culturally enriching experience. Our girls will share time with a number of dedicated and dynamic women mentors on topics related to health, fitness, financial literacy and education/career development.


In addition, each girl will begin her mentoring process. Our mentoring process begins in a group structure with a 2:7 Mentor:Mentee ratio. The participants are broken up in groups by ages 14-16 and 17-19. They are then assigned to a mentor who is a dynamic woman in the community committed to cultivating our young girls throughout their personal, educational, and professional development.


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Leadership Academy
GWRTW partners with national organizations to bring 20 young ladies selected as Junior Mentors from the 2010 and 2011 GWRTW Programs to attend a four day summer leadership program. These selected young ladies have demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities and a dedication to their personal growth and development during their time with the GWRTW program. Through various intensive workshops and exposure to dynamic women of varying careers, these chosen young ladies will learn how to become more effective leaders in their blossoming educational, personal, and professional careers.

Mentoring Program
Following the Mid-year Recap, the mentoring continues through virtual and face-to-face contact between Mentors and Mentees. There are 12-virtual sessions throughout the year, which occur once per month via phone. On these calls, the Mentors discuss pre-determined topics with the girls that directly relate to issues and experiences that their age group is dealing with. The girls also attend four in-person Quarterly Activities with their Mentors where they are introduced to various cultural, developmental and entertaining experiences.


GWRTW Quarterly Programs
Participants in the GWRTW program who have completed the Mid-Year Recap phase, attend once-per-quarter programs with their assigned Mentors in an effort to further develop the mentoring relationship, while continuing the development of our girls. During this time our mentors and mentees will attend a workshop of varying topic that further enhances the learnings initiated at the GWRTW Mentoring Weekend. In addition, our girls are exposed to events and occurences throughout the city which will expand their minds and their depth of experiences, making them more well-rounded and culturally-enhanced individuals. Dates and Locations TBD


GWRTW Mentor Training
The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation views mentoring as a relationship that provides the mentee with a role model (mentor) who believes in the mentee and her ability to achieve her dreams. The mentor’s role is to provide support, encouragement, and direction to our Mentees to influence them to make more informed and beneficial decisions in their lives.


Through the mentor training, the Mentors go through an initial four hours of developmental training (later followed by an extensive 6-week training) where they learn how to be the support systems
and positive role models that our girls need. They learn how to establish the foundation of the mentor/mentee relationship by coming to a consensus on:


  • Goals and responsibilities
  • Ground rules for the mentoring relationship
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Protocol for engaging each other


The mentors are given discussion topics that they are to address with their mentees each month. The topics center around self-esteem, academic achievement, healthy nutrition, physical fitness, and financial literacy. These topics are gateways to discussion, but the Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to have open dialogue about other topics that are of interest or particular significance to our Mentees as well.


Our mentors are trained on how to handle various obstacles that may occur during the mentor/mentee relationship including poor communication, or disagreeing on how to move forward on particular issues.


After signing and pledging to adhere to the GWRTW Mentorship Oath, our Mentors have their first point of contact with their Mentees at the Mid Year Recap.